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At Converter Connection we sell catalytic converters, manifold converters for all customers needs which include Universal Aftermarket weld in parts or bolt on Direct Fit original equipment replacements Our Universal, Direct-fit Carb, and High Performance converter lines cover over 46,000 applications, Converter Connections includes OBDII .

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Location : Driver Side Notes : Manifold Converter Emissions : 47-State Legal (Cannot ship to CA, NY or ME) Recommended Use : OE Replacement Quantity Sold : Assembly Tube Material : Aluminized Steel Tube Product Fit : Direct Fit Interchange Part Number : 40637, 2502C, 753505, 17122, 49356, 50380, 674-844, 16478 Dimensions : 29 in Overall Length Inlet Type : Single (8-bolt welded flange) Inlet .

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Compared with decanning, an outdated procedure that is still used by other catalytic converter recycling companies, our process offers a much more efficient system Decanning results in a percentage of the PGM materials being released into the air, onto shears and onto the floors of the recycling facilities, meaning they are not collected and .

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Sep 24, 2019· How to Clean a Catalytic Converter Without Removal: Using a Cleaner This is the simplest way to clear up deposits and get your emissions back to normal A bonus is these cleaners can also work on your fuel system and oxygen sensors Equipment Needed Catalytic converter cleaner Fuel (either access to a gas station or fuel can) Step By Step .

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Jan 22, 2018· Become a data junkie Learn all the key metrics to avoid misleading data, like your average converter price, and track true sal You will be amazed, as you gain data points, how easy it is to get misled When you look at a box of converters that are ready to be sold, ask yourself whether each converter is worth $75 or $9375

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Jan 10, 2020· Thieves across the metro are slipping under cars, sawing off and stealing catalytic converters Police in St Paul have received more than 70 reports of stolen catalytic converters ,

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Now, a converter may be worth $100 in some markets The tools available for removing and processing a catalytic converter have improved over time with regard to safety and efficiency Crow Environmental offers two styles of Shears to the automotive recycling industry

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Apr 19, 2018· The value of catalytic converters per piece comes from many buyers doing large assays of the same type of cats, knowing what the recovery of precious metals will be from the inside, and then being able to use a formula based on the spot market pricing on the platinum, palladium, and rhodium markets to create a price CLICK TO QUOTE YOUR

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One further thing about de-canning your scrap catalytic converters is you can virtually cover your de-canning costs with the scrap items generated This is because the scrap catalytic converter shells are made of 409 stainless steel and the wire wrap inside the scrap catalytic converters is 316 stainless steel 316 stainless steel is 10%-14% .

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Vortex De-pollution is a leading distributor of processing equipment such as the Guillotine, Comrade and shack, for recovering the precious metals used inside the catalyst

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Toll refining for used catalytic converters , and our facilities equipped with the best people and equipment available, 24/7 Customers’ materials are monitored constantly, and are fully documented throughout the sampling process Terms provided on request here ! 1Catalytic converter processing

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A catalytic converter is a device that cuts down on the amount of hydrocarbon emissions from your vehicle's exhaust, helping your car to pass the emissions test Located within your exhaust system of the car, your catalytic converter works to lower the overall dangerous emissions of the vehicle by invigorating a chemical process in the emissions

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Unlike other systems on the market, catalytic converters can be processed in a completely A 55hp dust extraction unit with an airflow of 3000 cfm replaces air in the hood every 2 seconds ensuring a constant supply of clean air and ensuring operator safety ,

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27 rows· RRCats reserves the right to request catalytic converters to be refined before ,

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The bill would prohibit a core recycler from providing payment for a catalytic converter unless the payment is made by check, the check is mailed or provided no earlier than 3 days after the date of sale, unless the seller is a business, and the core recycler obtains a photograph or video of the seller, a written statement regarding the origin .

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Information About New Regulations for Aftermarket Catalytic Converters CARB adopted revised regulations and evaluation procedures in October 2007 for the approval of new aftermarket catalytic converters sold in California The requirements apply to all new aftermarket converters produced for sale or sold in California after January 1, 2009

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Recycle Your Catalytic Converters with North America’s Largest Processing Group When you recycle scrap metal and catalytic converters, you want to be sure the metal buyers you’re working with have the experience and metal prices you want Alpha Recycling can offer you the best of both worlds

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Jul 29, 2019· The catalytic converter in the scrap industry has become a HOT commodity With the prices of platinum, palladium, and rhodium – the three precious metals found inside catalytic converters – soaring to an all-time high, catalytic converter recycling has become a huge part of the scrap metal industry over the last few years

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The Claus process is the most significant elemental sulphur recovery process from gaseous hydrogen sulphide Gases with an H 2 S content of over 25% are suitable for the recovery of sulphur in the Claus process Hydrogen sulphide produced, for example, in the hydrodesulphurization of refinery products is converted to sulphur in Claus plants (Yamaguchi, 2003; Topsøe et al, 1996 and Chianelli .

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Removing your catalytic converter and extracting these metals isn’t an easy process, which is why catalytic converter recycling exists! At DMV Recycling, we pay you cash for your failed catalytic converters so that some of the precious metals inside can be extracted and reused

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Nov 27, 2017· Why cant Auto Recyclers sell used Catalytic Converters ? November 27, 2017 , it is a violation to install an untested used converter brought in by a customer, even if the customer insists that the used converter came off his/her vehicle , very few Salvage yards have the equipment to test them and the tampering laws that a salvage yard mite .

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Catalytic Converter Manual Forming Equipment , Catalytic Converter Automatic/Semi/Automatic Forming Equipment We produce both pre and post size catalytic converter forming cells for both , Automating this process allows for quicker and more accurate stuffing results

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Catalytic Converters are in-stock and available for all mak Get a great deal on a quality Catalytic Converter Toggle navigation Your Account 800-401-6762 Support Center FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $99 Sales 1-888-907-7225 Select Your Vehicle Home>Catalytic Converter Catalytic Converter .

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Get unmatched refining rates, per piece buying options, world-class equipment to process catalytic converters and platinum group metals Contact us at (877)257-1404

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How the catalytic converter works Catalytic converters are emissions equipment required for street legal vehicles made in the last 50 or so yearsThey're a simple design that uses complex chemistry to clean up the waste gasses leftover after the combustion process

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Aug 02, 2005· FIGS 3–6 diagrammatically show the equipment developed to perform the various manufacturing steps required for the novel substrate to yield the catalytic converter of the present invention Referring now to FIG 3, the spool of metal fabric 25 is first passed through stamping rollers 21 which press irregularly shaped, raised dimples along .

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Catalytic Exhaust Products manufacture a full line of high flow diesel catalytic converters, as well as exhaust cleaners, purifiers, scrubbers for different types of engin We offer the widest range of catalytic converters & diesel particulate filter for sale!

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Develop new technology to encourage domestic processing of automobile catalytic converters for recovering platinum-group metals Background Automobile catalytic converters are used to convert pollutants in automobile exhaust into water vapor, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen About 1 million troy ounces of platinum-group metals arc used each year in the United States to manufacture catalytic .

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The Bioquell R-30 is a high speed catalytic convertor developed to support a broad range of HPV-based bio-decontamination generators, used throughout the life sciences sector Bioquell’s HPV technology is used to eradicate microorganisms – comprising bacteria, viruses and fungi

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Catalytic Converters are used by almost every vehicle on the road today First introduced in the mid-70s, Catalytic Converters were mandated as an emission control device to greatly reduce the toxic constituents produced by a vehicles exhaust system This reduction occurs through the catalyzing of toxic constituents with Platinum Group Metals .

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