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When the state was grinding the asphalt road in front of our property, they (I asked them) dumped 3 large dump truck loads of milling onto our barn driveway in one big pile With my FEL, I moved/spread 60-80 tons of millings onto

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2019/04/22· I use my 941 to spread a pile of asphalt millings for my Pop We'll be adding more to the parking area and to refurb the driveway

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Runoff Coefficient (C) This Coefficient allows for the quantity of water which runoff a particular type of surfacing into a drainage system, and discount the quantity of water which will soak into or through the surfacing Typical values are

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2013/06/10· I'm currently in the process of building a new house with a 450 foot drive A buddy of mine bought a fix-er-up'er also recently with a 700 foot drive For his driveway, he decided to go with milled asphalt He did some some looking .

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2020/04/22· Veteran Compost is upgrading its site in Aberdeen, building a new active composting pad on compacted asphalt millings The tipping pad, screening area and a central aisle that runs down the middle of the active composting and

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2017/01/30· In addition, asphalt millings are not considered clean fill Show Full Signature 2025 with Factory Cab, born March 16, 2020 delivered May 13, 2020 60D MMM, premium Independent Mid Lift, H120 FEL, Heavy Hitch, , IMatch, Ken's Bolt on Hooks , 48" Flex Hitch King Kutter ,72" CTA Snow Pusher, CIDAttachments Forks, LP ,

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Asphalt cement is the basic ingredient of asphalt emulsions In most cases, it makes up from 50 to 75 percent of the emulsion Some properties of the asphalt significantly affect the finished emulsion But there is not an exact

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We sell a high quality screened asphalt millings product from our own stock pile for your driveway as well as gravel, screened top soil and fill dirt We are Licensed and Insured Serving Coweta and surrounding counties

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Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Recycled Materials in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project The Density of Asphalt Millings: 2,410 lb/yd³ or 121 t/yd³ or 08 yd³/t

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Sunbelt Crushing in Mobile, AL is one of the largest producers of recycled concrete and asphalt in the Southeast, processing more than 1 million tons per year Welcome to Sunbelt Crushing Strategically located on the central Gulf .

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37 Use of millings in maintenance projects Millings can be used as an aggregate substitute and asphalt cement supplement in recycled asphalt paving (hot or cold mix), as a granular base or subbase, stabilized base aggregate, .

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2018/10/23· Order Your Rochester Asphalt Millings Today! To learn more about our asphalt millings available for delivery throughout the Rochester area, call Smith’s Gravel Pit at (315) 483-6510 today We have asphalt millings, various recycled products, gravel, sand, and other aggregate, which can help you with your various projects



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2012/03/22· If the millings have been in a pile for a long time, chances are its a little dry, although if you wet it down after placing, you should get compaction, Place it in "thin" layers, about 3 inches, hose down with garden hose, not soak, but just spray it, run your 900# roller over it, repeatedly, until you don't get any "rolls" in the millings,

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Asphalt millings are considered hazardous materials that continue to pile up in outdoor storage ACTIVATE is the answer for safely recycling Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) into a new asphalt surface Mixing only 1/2 – 1 1/4 .

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2014/08/19· Re: asphalt millings for a driveway - what do GOOD ones look like or feel like? IMO, asphalt "MILLINGS" should have no dirt If this guy says he is getting it off driveway jobs I would be a skeptic- he is using a reclamer, not a milling machine

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Crushed Asphalt Millings - Hammond Farms Landscape Crushed Asphalt Millings 2996 Per This reclaimed material compacts extremely well, and is ideal for driveways Per Road Gravel This material is a mixture of clay, sand, and

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2013/01/08· Placing about 50,000 tons of GSA millings, the Cactus Asphalt crew added enough moisture to the material using a water truck and loader at the location of the stock pile "A stockpile of asphalt .

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2019/09/20· The Department of Transportation says it is saving asphalt millings for a Route 9 paving project, but town officials are concerned about the growing pile's proximity to the Androscoggin River

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Recycled Asphalt Video: 1:49 - This video is a good starting point for understanding how Recycled Asphalt can be used on driveways & roads Recycled Asphalt (also referred to as crushed asphalt) is the ultimate solution for North Texas & Country Roads is the leader when it comes to installation!

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2011/08/27· removing some asphalt millings we laid down over a temporary concrete batch plant site to keep the trucks from getting stuck in the sand

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2005/08/28· Re: Re-emulsifing ground asphalt « Reply #10 on: August 22, 2005, 07:15:05 PM » I put in a parking lot with 30 truck loads of millings ,

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2015/05/15· asphalt material is ground into small particl Asphalt Grindings Pile Some tests have shown that these compounds do not leach from asphalt grindings, however, particulates that may include asphalt binder Although there are

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2019/10/27· Crushed and recycled asphalt millings cost $25 to $50 per cubic yard, $10 to $27 per ton, or $050 to $2 per square foot from quarries or landscape companies without delivery With delivery in smaller quantities, crushed asphalt costs $72 per ton or up to $100 per cubic yard

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Pile Driving Septic Systems Dumpster Rentals Products Commercial Snow Removal Contact 609-465-5970 23 King Street Rio Grande, NJ Fill Dirt Stone in various sizes and colors Topsoil Wood Chips Asphalt Millings Sand , , , .

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2019/03/03· Years ago the paving contractor would dump the millings at your place if you asked them They liked it as they had to get rid of them somewhere The last time they milled up my road a few miles they made a huge pile at a wide

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2018/06/19· Home In another asphalt recycling video, the Falcon Asphalt Recycler & Hot Box trailer recycles a pile of asphalt millings With the help of asphalt rejuvenator, asphalt millings are transformed from waste to usable hot mix asphalt This recycled hot mix asphalt can be used for repairing potholes, utility cuts, point repairs and patches in roadways or parking lots The Falcon asphalt ,

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2007/08/11· We are looking at either crusher run or asphalt millings I'm looking for some honest opinions of using the millings for a driveway We have about 1300' of drive and the excavator is going to make it about 4-6" think and use a 08-10 .


the RAP contains liquid asphalt If we could take a pile of RAP and physically extract the liquid asphalt and then screen the aggregate into three piles of clean rock, a 30,000 ton pile of RAP with 6% liquid asphalt would produce

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Asphalt Millings To the naked eye, asphalt and asphalt millings look the same, but there are differences when it comes to strength Asphalt millings are very fine particles that appear as dust made of bitumen and other inorganic .

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